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    Rapid advances in molecular diagnostics enable basic research and result in practical diagnosis. Keep an eye on the latest developing trend in scientific research and market demand.  
Plagiarism warning!

Recently, we have received quite a lot of feedbacks from our clients and partners concerning the authenticity of our official website. According to the investigation and analysis, it is found that a company named HKMLAB copied our official website (www.laboratory.hk) with the same style of design. In addition, seventy percent of our website content is also copied maliciously.

In view of this situation, we hope the plagiarist could change or delete its website as soon as possible. At the same time, we have authorized the lawyer to deal with this conflicts to safeguard our rights and interests. Therefore, hereby we sincerely advise you to keep vigilant at all times and not to be confused by other fraud websites and companies. Please bear in mind  our official website is www.laboratory.hk

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14 Mar, 2016

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