Lunar New Year Holiday Announcement  
Thank you for your support for the service in HKLAB.
Our office will be closed during the Chinese New Year Holidays shown as follow:
we will resume business from 29th January 2020.
23/01/2020 (Tuesday) Sample collection before 13:00
24/01/2020(Chinese New Year eve) Report issue only no sample collection
25/01/2020(Lunar New Year’s Day) Closed
26/01/2020(The second day of Lunar New Year) Closed
27/01/2020(The third day of Lunar New Year) Closed
28/01/2020(The fourth day of Lunar New Year) Closed
29/01/2020(Wednesday) Normal office hour

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have queries.

Hong Kong Laboratory Co., Ltd
03 January 2020


HKLAB-About Us
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    The technologists of HKLAB have extensive experiences & science background in clinical research & diagnosis. We are operating according to ISO 15189 standards to achive a higher quality.  


Hong Kong Laboratory Co. Limited (HKLAB), is a leading molecular diagnostic centre, established and focusing on genetic testing by utilizing advanced gene technologies.

HKLAB is operated by a team of Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT) and specialists in clinical molecular biology. They equipped themselves with solid professional background from master to doctoral levels, as well as rich clinical experience in the field of molecular diagnosis.

Libra is one of the HKLAB's brand name, well known in markets because of its professional and good quality services to the customers both in Hong Kong and mainland China. However, it is our goal to give the best, expertise and caring services that you need.




 Our Missions

Offer convenient and reliable one-stop service with professional criteria. 

Offer affordable and beneficial services with rigorous attitude.

Offer advanced and accurate services with scientific evidence bases.




 Quality Guarantee

HKLAB is operating according to ISO 15189 quality standards and guideline to ensure that the highest quality can be achieved (ISO 15189 General Requirements is the competence for medical and clinical laboratories, including calibrations of equipment, standard materials, quantity trace ability, also the calibrations for test methods, sample management etc.,).

Our testing systems are designed and established by a team of senior Professionals for accurate results, such as laboratory management and test performance are supervised and carried out by qualified Part I Medical Laboratory Technologists (Certified and registered by Hong Kong MLT Board) to ensure that the test results achieved in higher accuracy.

We equipped with fully automatic bio-instrumentation for sample testing and molecular analysis in order to minimize / eliminate the risks of any possible contamination and to increase the trace ability of samples.



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Hotline : (+852) 2350-6338   (Enquiry)
Fax : (+852) 3468-3495
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Address : Unit F,8/F,Valiant Industrial Centre,2-12 Au Pui Wan Street,Fo Tan,N.T.,Hong Kong
Office Hours : Monday - Saturday 9:30-13:00 & 14:30-18:00
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